Quarterback Shedeur Sanders shines in wet CU Buffs spring game

Quarterback Shedeur Sanders shines in Wet CU Buffs spring game

Deion Sanders knows Colorado’s weather by heart after spending quite some time there.

“It’s gorgeous around here, especially yesterday,” he chuckled, leading his team through a wet game at Folsom Field. “With this weather, tomorrow’s bound to be just as lovely.”

Coach Prime has had a tough run with the weather for his first couple of spring games with the Buffaloes. Before last year’s snowy match, they hadn’t had rain during a spring game since 2012, and now it’s happened two years straight.

Even though Saturday wasn’t sunny, Coach Prime’s Buffs gave it their all to finish up their spring drills.

“We’re ready for anything,” he explained. “We preach resilience daily, shaping them into men who can handle tough situations. What we faced on the field today? We were prepared for it.”

Officially, 28,424 tickets were sold for the Black & Gold game, but many didn’t show up due to the rain and chilly 38-degree weather.

It was the second-largest turnout for a CU spring game ever, just shy of last year’s record of 47,277 for Coach Prime’s debut.

During about an hour of scrimmage, the Buffs ran around 53 plays. Those who stayed saw quarterback Shedeur Sanders shine.

Shedeur had a short stint, playing just three series. In that time, he completed 10 out of 14 passes, throwing for 116 yards and a touchdown. His connection with transfer LaJohntay Wester resulted in a 19-yard touchdown to cap off the first series.

“The weather wasn’t ideal for my passing game,” he admitted. “It was tough out there, but we pushed through.”

Wester grabbed three passes, tallying 66 yards and a touchdown. Travis Hunter caught four for 27 yards, while Omarion Miller snagged two for 13 yards.

Crucially, Shedeur had space to work with. Despite being sacked frequently last year, he only faced one sack on Saturday and didn’t resort to running with the ball.

“I only run when it’s necessary,” he explained. “Sure, running’s thrilling, but if I can stay in the pocket like I did today and make throws, I don’t rely on my legs too much.”

As anticipated, the Buffs didn’t reveal many changes to their offense led by coordinator Pat Shurmur. They also faced shortages in some areas, so they had to improvise a bit.

They were really low on running backs. So much so that cornerback Isaiah Hardge ended up starting in the backfield. CU initially had six running backs for spring, but three transferred out recently. Meanwhile, injuries kept freshmen Micah Welch and junior Charlie Offerdahl sidelined.

Hardge rushed for 64 yards with eight carries, scoring a 41-yard touchdown. Only walk-on Christian Sarem and tight end Morgan Pearson carried the ball besides him.

“We were thin at running back, but Isaiah Hardge stepped up,” Shedeur mentioned. “With just two days of practice, he got in there and handled business.”

Some other guys did great too, like linebacker Jeremiah Brown, defensive lineman Taurean Carter, and cornerback Preston Hodge.

Shedeur thought we did pretty well. He said, “We still need to fix a few things, but compared to last year, we’re feeling stronger mentally and physically.”

Coach Prime thinks the team is looking good as spring wraps up. He says, “We’ve got more talent now than we did this time last year.”

“The improvement we’ve seen is remarkable. Our players are of a different caliber now. They’re hungry for success, aiming for the NFL. They’re eager to practice, support each other, and embrace the toughness of the game. I’m thrilled about our team spirit. If you’re not on board with our mindset and goals, you might not feel at home here.”

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