Rooney: The second Spring Game of Prime Era was just as unpredictable as the first

Rooney: The second Spring Game of Prime Era was just as unpredictable as the first

This season’s spring games weren’t the usual sneak peeks of old. With the transfer portal stirring things up and Buffaloes fans waiting for promises to come true, it’s been a bit different.

But hey, Shedeur Sanders is on our side, so that’s something!

Colorado’s experienced quarterback shone at Saturday’s Black and Gold scrimmage, impressing despite the gloomy weather. His smooth plays reminded everyone of where the Buffs stand as they enter Year 2 of the Prime Era.

The Buffs boast one of the nation’s top quarterbacks, a key player who can keep CU competitive in most games. With Travis Hunter providing solid support, Shedeur is set for NFL draft success next year. And keep an eye on newcomer receiver LaJohntay Wester, whose touchdown catch stole the show at Saturday’s scrimmage after transferring from Florida Atlantic.

But what comes next? Well, the Buffs are facing uncertainties, especially on defense and in the trenches. Like last year, what happens after the spring game could shape CU’s success this fall more than anything from the practices and scrimmage.

No offense to Saturday’s game, but let’s be real: spring games are pretty basic, and CU’s was no exception. But what’s concerning is how similar it felt to last year’s under Sanders. Will these players even stick around for preseason? And seeing a defensive back fill in at running back just to have enough players? That’s not what we hoped for after last year’s hype.

While there’s a bunch of players in the transfer mix, Boulder’s team won’t be short on talent. Adding Dallan Hayden and Rashad Amos this summer will beef up our running back lineup. And there’s more on the horizon. The revamped offensive line has had plenty of time to gel during spring practice, but we’re still not sure if they’ll step up big time. If they don’t, we’ll be facing the same challenges as last year.

On Saturday, the Buffs got some commitments for the 2025 class. But hold off on the celebrations until we know if Sanders is sticking around for year three and those players actually show up. Sanders says he’s in it for the long haul in Boulder, but until then, he’ll keep batting away those questions about his future.

Sure thing! The spring game is more about the immediate future. With Shedeur and Hunter nearing the end of their college careers, the pressure’s on to win. Can coach Sanders pull off a winning team mainly through transfers? Last year’s attempt fell short. This time, it’ll only succeed if the new additions really step up their game.

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