NFL Draft 2025 Rumors: Scouts Favor Carson Beck Over Shedeur Sander, Ewers

NFL Draft 2025 Rumors: Scouts Favor Carson Beck Over Shedeur Sanders, Ewers

It was pretty clear Caleb Williams was gonna be the top pick in the 2024 NFL draft. Now, they’re saying there are three QBs fighting for the spotlight in the 2025 draft.

According to Matt Miller from ESPN, it looks like the 2025 draft is kicking off with a showdown among three top contenders: Carson Beck from Georgia, Quinn Ewers from Texas, and Shedeur Sanders from Colorado.

He mentioned that Beck is getting a lot of attention from NFL scouts lately. But Ewers and Sanders could shake things up if they step up their game in the upcoming season.

Beck’s gonna be the center of attention this season, leading Georgia’s football team as their quarterback. Everyone’s eyeing them for a shot at the national championship, especially after their recent wins. But last season’s slip-up against Alabama in the SEC Championship Game has them hungry for redemption.

Miller pointed out Beck’s got a great handle on Georgia’s offense and throws with a smooth touch and strong arm, traits NFL teams dig. These skills might outweigh worries about his mobility.

Last year was his debut as a starter, and he aced it, guiding a team that had won two national titles in a row. He threw nearly 4,000 yards, with 24 touchdowns and only six interceptions, hitting over 70% of his passes.

If Beck keeps it up, Georgia’s got a good shot at making it into the expanded 12-team College Football Playoff. And winning against Texas, especially with Ewers on their side now, could really solidify their chances.

Both the College Football Playoff and NFL scouts will have their eyes glued to that match. It’s gonna showcase two top quarterbacks slated for the 2025 draft facing off against each other.

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