Pete Thamel: Deion Sanders Needs to Boost Colorado's Defense

Pete Thamel: Deion Sanders Needs to Boost Colorado’s Defense

Deion Sanders had a rocky first year at Colorado. The Buffaloes kicked off strong with a 3-0 start but then struggled, losing eight of their last nine games, ending 4-8.

Sanders heads into a new season with Colorado, still dealing with major roster changes. The Buffaloes are also returning to the Big 12 after leaving for the Pac 12 in 2010.

A big problem for Colorado last season was poor game management by the coaching staff, including Deion Sanders. They fell apart against Stanford, allowing 36 points in the second half. ESPN’s Pete Thamel believes Sanders needs to improve his game management for the Buffaloes to succeed in 2024.

“Deion Sanders’ game coaching cost them two games last year,” Thamel said. “They had a 29-point lead against Stanford but didn’t run the ball or manage the clock well. It was poor game management.”

During the Stanford game, Colorado ran the ball 18 times after leading by 29 points. Thamel also highlighted the Oregon State game as another instance of their struggle to finish strong.

With 46 seconds left before halftime and trailing 7-3, Colorado tried to run the ball after two incomplete passes. Oregon State called a timeout, extended their lead to 14-3, and Colorado eventually lost by seven points.

Thamel thinks Sanders’ growth as a coach could boost the team in 2024.

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