Coach Prime Controlling The Transfer Portal Chaos For Colorado Football

Coach Prime Controlling The Transfer Portal Chaos For Colorado Football

Steven Bailoni from Mike Farrell Sports thinks differently about Coach Prime. He believes Deion Sanders is actually managing the transfer frenzy for Colorado football, rather than just relying on hopeful recruits who might eventually land there anyway.

Bailoni pointed out how everyone’s fussing over players transferring, but Deion’s handling it differently. Instead of complaining, he’s taking charge. And get this, he’s not just picking up any old players for depth. Nope, he’s snagged the #1 OT, Jordan Seaton, and three other 4-star recruits for his 2024 class. Smart move, really. By only accepting a handful of recruits, he’s showing them they’re special. It’s way better than those other coaches who promise the world, then kick players to the curb later. Deion’s building a real team, not just grabbing whoever’s available.

Coach Prime doesn’t beat around the bush with his players. He calls it like he sees it, giving props when they nail it and calling them out when they slip up. Even though he might cut his sons some slack, like when Shilo Sanders got heated before a big game, he treats every player the same. Cormani McClain’s success proves that Coach Prime’s tough love knows no bounds.

Colorado Football Transfer Portal Hysteria Much Quieter During Current Cycle

Last year, everyone had something to say about Coach Prime at Colorado. He shook things up after a tough season, and while some feathers were ruffled, it felt like the critics were more upset than the players.

This year, Colorado isn’t making as much noise. Seems like the big teams like Alabama and Georgia are facing their own challenges this offseason.

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