Snoop Dogg To Sponsor Arizona Bowl Game For 2024 College Football Season

Snoop Dogg To Sponsor Arizona Bowl Game For 2024 College Football Season

The 2024 Arizona Bowl gets a fresh name: Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl, brought to you by Gin & Juice from Dre and Snoop.

Ross Dellenger from Yahoo Sports reports that the Arizona Bowl will get a new sponsor next season. Guess who? Snoop Dogg, the famous rapper, and his Gin & Juice drink line will be backing it up. Before this, Barstool was in charge.

Snoop Dogg mentioned how he’s sent loads of players from his Snoop Youth Football League to college and the NFL. Now, he’s thrilled to bring that same energy to college football with Gin & Juice By Dre. His aim? To turn the Arizona Bowl into an unforgettable game day experience.

The Arizona Bowl is making history as the first bowl to team up with an alcohol brand.

“At the Arizona Bowl, we like doing things our own way. We’re open to trying new stuff, you know? Like, we never considered having alcohol before, but times change, right? Now, folks in the stadium can enjoy a cold beer or cocktail. It’s just us keeping up with the times.”

The game’s happening at 12:30 p.m. ET on Dec. 28. And guess what? Snoop Dogg’s joining the broadcast! Yeah, he might even bust out a music performance during the game.

With the College Football Playoff growing to 12 teams this year and maybe even 16 later on, those classic bowl games aren’t as big a deal anymore. And hey, some NFL hopefuls skip the smaller bowls to steer clear of injuries that might mess up their chances in the draft.

With all that happening, bowls like the Arizona Bowl have had to get creative to keep players and fans excited.

Adair mentioned that they’re revitalizing the spirit of bowl games. They see it as a chance to bring back the essence of football and community celebration. They believe some folks overlook the importance of these games in favor of the playoff system. Adair thinks differently. To them, bowl games represent more than just matchups—they’re about embracing the love for the game and uniting communities.

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