Deion Sanders: 'I Hate' That We Lost Nick Saban to Retirement; Best College Football Coach 'Ever'

Deion Sanders: ‘I Hate’ That We Lost Nick Saban to Retirement; Best College Football Coach ‘Ever’

In the 2024 college football season, Deion Sanders expressed admiration for Nick Saban, marking Saban’s first absence in nearly 20 years.

On The Joel Klatt Show, Sanders praised Saban, who retired in January after 17 seasons coaching Alabama, calling him the ultimate example for college coaches to follow.

“First off, let’s be clear—he’s the top of the class, the best there is. We can only hope to come close, never surpass him,” Sanders said around the 16:35 mark. “He’s the greatest. Ever. Period.”

Sanders hinted that Saban’s decision to retire was influenced by the rapid changes in college football. New rules for player transfers, NIL deals, and conference shifts have created new challenges for coaches, which Sanders thinks may have led the 72-year-old to step away.

“I really feel for him. He had so much more potential, but I get why he chose this path instead of that one,” Sanders explained. “It’s like losing a legend, you know? He means a lot to me. It’s a shame for college football and just doesn’t seem right.”

Saban guided Alabama to six national championships and a stellar 206-29 record during his 17 years. Now, he’s earned a break to relax and savor retirement.

Kalen DeBoer faces a big challenge taking over from Saban. He aims to guide Alabama to another national championship in 2024.

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