Deion Sanders Reveals Colorado Football Team's Shortcomings in 2023

Deion Sanders Reveals Colorado Football Team’s Shortcomings in 2023

Deion Sanders mentioned to Joel Klatt during a “Big Noon Convo” that his Colorado football team’s offensive line didn’t perform well in the 2023 season. He pointed out this issue after Oregon’s 42-6 victory over CU in Week 4, advising teams to act quickly on potential opportunities.

“Sanders emphasized that we weren’t equipped to maintain that level of consistency. He pointed out our shortcomings against specific teams and in crucial areas. Despite our belief in our competitiveness, we lacked internal resources. Sanders was clear: he foresaw these challenges.”

“Skill positions? Absolutely, we’ve got those covered. That’s where I naturally shine, attracting top talent. But in the trenches, that’s where we fell short. We lacked the essential pieces to hold our ground.”

Deion Sanders banking on major improvement from Colorado football OL in 2024

During the 2023 season, Sanders openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the offensive line supporting Shedeur Sanders. In October, he criticized their performance, citing a game against UCLA where they allowed significant pressure and sacks in a 28-16 loss.

“Overall, you need to hire new staff,” Sanders began, adding, “That’s the idea, and I’ll explain it clearly.”

Coach Prime has a new offensive line this season. If they don’t gel quickly, Shedeur won’t have the chance to lead the Buffs to wins in the Big 12, and excuses won’t fly.

Yes, he could do it, but people might question him if he complains about the same issue he blamed someone else for last year.

Great coaches tackle issues head-on and swiftly switch focus. If Coach Prime can’t fix his offensive line problems, he won’t reach the highest coaching levels.

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